Four Ways to Cope with Post-operative Pain from Hip Replacement Surgery

People afflicted with osteoarthritis undergo a hip replacement surgery because of extreme pain they cannot endure any longer,orthopedic experts say. The main concern now is how to cope with pain after the operation. Although, this is an inevitable problem but there are also other things to consider as hip replacements are smeared with serious complications such as metallosis caused by metal-on-metal hip implants. Based on media reports, big orthopedic companies recalled their products off the market such as Stryker Rejuvenate recall.

Pain is the first sensation felt by the patient after a surgery. Below are four different ways to alleviate it.

1. Rest

A person who just had an operation needs rest in order to recover and regain body’s strength. It would usually take 10 days of just short walks and resting. Do not attempt to move forcefully as it might lead to swelling of the site.

2. Pain relievers

Doctors will recommend drugs to ease the pain. It may be in patches or tablet form. Make sure to follow the prescription. Some patients are taking pain killers for six to eight weeks.

3. Elevate

Try to elevate your legs to lessen pain and swelling by putting pillows behind it. Your feet must be higher than your hips.

4. Ice

Ice has a numbing effect so the sensation of pain is somewhat stopped. Protect your skin when applying ice because it may hurt.


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