Looking Into Antidepressant and Pregnancy

Depression is generally alleviated with antidepressants.However, it is important to know of the risks such as Zoloft birth defects when taking antidepressants during pregnancy. Women who are pregnant can normally feel depress and other types of emotional state.Pregnant women have more depression tendencies and immediate treatment is necessary.

The risks and the benefits should be at par when a decision to take antidepressant is considered.A low percent of birth defects and relative pregnancy problems are generally reported associating antidepressants and pregnancy.There are few antidepressants that are thought to be harmful while some brands are considered safe.

Health risks include fetal malformation, pulmonary issues, congenital heart problems, low birth weight, and premature delivery. However, these risks are low as shown in most comparative studies.It is also important to note that prescription changes should be discussed with the treating doctor.Abrupt adjustments of the antidepressant prescription on the tri-menstrual stage can be a factor of depressive relapse and can add more possible complication on the formation of the fetus.

It is best to always consider for the benefits to be greater than the risks in taking antidepressants during pregnancy.Counseling and other therapies can help mediate depression during pregnancy.Discuss the options with a medical expert or a doctor.

Source: mayoclinic.com/health/antidepressants/DN00007

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