Rock Climbing, Cliff Diving and All of the Above

Adrenaline junkie, death chaser, ludacris or crazy are some of the tags people give to those who go for extreme kinds of sports with less regard to safety measures and the discipline itself.  Extreme sports such as Muay Tai, rock climbing, cliff diving and sky diving are sports which indeed risk the life and limb of the person.  Although, there is a higher discipline and theology involved from engaging into such activities but the risk that it calculates to a person definitely outweighs the discipline itself.

Many people engaged into cliff diving would say that it is a magnificent upgrade of the regular pool diving that many people watch athletes compete in national television.  They say cliff diving requires acrobatic perfection of diving into a natural pool of water from a high cliff.  Sure, one would see an awesome picturesque while taking that leap of chance of coming out of the water alive, but considering the height and dimension of the rugged edges of the cliff, not to mention the rough rocks at the bottom of the cliff makes the dive very dangerous.  For cliff divers, aware of these things, this will give them a thrill that will last for a lifetime.

While some would call the sport as “crazy”, adventurers who venture into the sport say one must have extreme courage, focus and precision.  There should almost be no margin for error, otherwise you are bound to unconsciousness or even death.  For curious folks out there who want to give it a try, it is advised that there should first be a determination of the height of the jump and an ideal speed and pace for the entire jump.  The ideal height should be within the ranges of 23 – 28 meters for men and 18 – 23 meters for women.

These kinds of sports all define life a little better y facing death at the face every time a leap is taken to sky dive or cliff dive or every time a step is taken to climb a steep rock.  This not only requires physical preparation but emotional and spiritual as well.

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